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  • 🍿 Bitflow Announces Multiple New Features & Stacks DeFi TVL Hits 150M STX

🍿 Bitflow Announces Multiple New Features & Stacks DeFi TVL Hits 150M STX

Stacks reached 150M STX locked in DeFi applications & Bitflow announces multiple new features for their Liquidity Hub.

DeFiLlama shares that Stacks' Total Value Locked in Decentralized Finance apps has reached a new all time high of over 150M in locked STX. Moreover, the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem continues to innovate with Bitflow introducing multiple upgrades based on the success of Ethereum DeFi protocols. Let’s dive into this week’s Stacks Snacks.

🍿 Stacks Snacks

  • Bitflow announces their protocol emerging as the Liquidity Hub on Stacks, featuring their Aggregator, Deep Liquidity Curve style stable swaps, Uniswap-style liquidity pools and multiple trading routes.

  • Stacks crossed 150M STX locked in Decentralized Finance applications, according to DeFi Llama.

  • Liquid Stacking asset stSTX (Stacking DAO) becomes the most accessible Stacks based token in the ecosystem, community leaders say.

  • Stacks community member Algorithm.btc shares Hiro’s Signer dashboard with over 30 Signers for Stacks post Nakamoto upgrade and sBTC.

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