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Introducing Stacks Snacks - Weekly Stories and Updates

Your weekly roundup of ecosystem news and resources

If you’ve ever felt like you need to constantly refresh your Twitter feed just to keep track of all the exciting Stacks news, this newsletter might come in handy. Expect weekly updates that track big ecosystem news you might have missed. We’ll also share the latest storytelling and messaging resources as they are finalized.

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🛠️ Updates from the Ecosystem Comms Working Group

  • Agreed on three initial “strike teams” for more focused project work: Narrative, sBTC, and PR.

    • Narrative team updates: with the technical Stacks one-pager completed, the team is now reviewing drafts of the Stacks marketing one-pager and FAQ.

    • sBTC team updates: The first priorities for this strike team will include providing design/brand feedback for the sBTC working group team and supporting development of the sBTC website and glossary.

    • PR: Forming initial team.

Further updates and discussions available on the Working Group’s Github page.

This newsletter is curated by the Stacks Ecosystem Comms Working Group.