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Happy Friday! We’re wrapping up another exciting week in the Stacks ecosystem with big milestones, partnerships, new critical bounty grants, big events on the horizon, and much more.

See you next week!

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If you’re curious or need a refresher, Stacks is a Bitcoin layer for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Stacks exists to unlock Bitcoin’s full potential as the largest, most valuable, durable, decentralized asset. Learn more here.

🛠️ Updates from the Ecosystem Comms Working Group

  • sBTC team: Outlining our priority deliverables based on phases of a launch workback. Key projects include stakeholder surveys, persona research and alignment with existing research, mapping out educational sBTC materials, and developing a full menu of options for amplification during launch.

  • Narrative team: FAQ and Marketing one pager are under review this week and feedback will be discussed next week. The team is also opening a new effort to build out a content strategy for H2.

  • PR team: Meeting set next week to review compiled list of media monitoring items and sites that have outdated Stacks references.

Further updates and discussions available on the Working Group’s Github page.

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