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This week’s roundup includes big news from ecosystem projects and artists, what you can expect at the upcoming Miami Bitcoin events, and more.

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Stacks is a Bitcoin layer for smart contracts; it enables smart contracts and decentralized applications to use Bitcoin as an asset and settle transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Stacks exists to unlock Bitcoin’s full potential as the largest, most valuable, durable, decentralized asset. Learn more here.

🛠️ Ecosystem Comms Working Group Updates

  • sBTC team: Team members are working independently on their projects and will reconvene after Miami events.

  • Narrative team: The narrative team met today to flesh out a roadmap for 2023 H2 content. The initial quarterly themes are mapped out through Q2 2024, with next steps including content development based on sBTC use cases.

Further updates and discussions available on the Working Group’s Github page.

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